BTC Board

BTC Board

Brooklyn Triathlon Club is managed by a volunteer board of nine members. In addition, we rely on other members to help on Membership, Communications, Training, Uniform, and Events committees. Interested in helping out? Just drop us a line at

Christine Frietchen


nyc tri
Communications/membership committee
This is my fourth season with BTC. I joined after a chance meeting with Jen Wagman, and after stopping Larry Lewis in the street and asking about his BTC t-shirt. I've met so many great friends through the club, and I love meeting all the new people every year. It's such a thrill to see other BTCers on the course, both racing and cheering, and I know I train and race harder knowing my teammates are there to push me.

Mat Ward

Vice President

Mat ward board Training and Communications/Membership committees
I joined BTC in 2013 after relocating to Brooklyn from London. I'd been competing in triathlons for 2 seasons and was hooked.  It was great to meet like minded athletes and training partners. This sport is my passion and I get a huge buzz from racing.

My club-mates are my New York family and my fondest memory is hearing their cheers when running our city's marathon.

Danielle Westen


danielle race2
Events and sponsorship committees
I did my first non-relay triathlon (Flat as a Pancake) in 2011 and was hooked. I've now completed all of the four standard distances, including full distance. Triathlons have provided me with focus, discipline and a wonderful group of friends, not to mention a good way to get out all my excess energy. I've been a BTC member since 2012 and this is my third year as the BTC Treasurer.

Alan Diaz

Board Member

  I joined BTC in 2014. I started endurance sports at the age of 24 with no prior experience in any of the 3 disciplines. I started with sprints and olympics and then did my first 70.3 in 2010. Fell in love with the 70.3 distance and training regimen that by the following year I was doing my first 140.6 distance. I'm crazy about the sport and the community that surrounds it. BTC made it very easy for me to get integrated into the NYC triathlon scene with the amazing athletes and training workouts the club provides. Follow me on strava

Ben Kessel

Board Member

ben bio
Training and uniform committees
This is my fourth season with BTC.  The variety of triathlons is what keeps me hooked: the technicality of swimming, the endurance/power of cycling, and the mental game and rhythm of running. My favorite race was my first one! Staten Island sprint.  I was nervous, but I was with a bunch of BTC members and just the joking around and camaraderie we had lightened everything up.

David Sievers

Board Member

David Bike Berlin Communications/membership committee I eagerly joined BTC on January 1, 2013 and dove in head first, making my second race in several years a full distance tri. Since then, BTC and triathlon have been synonymous for me -- I've deepened my love of Prospect Park with every lap, gone from being a morning person to a morning person, and come to appreciate that you can build a great community around an individual sport. I've even gone swimming a couple times!   Check out my Strava profile here.

Heather Bybee

Board Member

Heather_photo_BTC This is my second season with BTC and second season competing in triathlons. After completing a collegiate tennis career a few years ago, I was looking for new ways to stay fit and still compete athletically. As a recreational cyclist, runner, and swimmer, I decided to take it to the next level and join BTC to learn from my peers how to train and race triathlons. In my first season I completed a sprint, olympic, and half distance races. I love the BTC community for their knowledge, support, and camaraderie year round!

Maurya Couvares

Board Member

maurya2 Communications/membership, sponsorship committees I'm excited to start my third season with BTC in 2017. I grew up a competitive swimmer, and this summer will be my seventh season as a triathlete. I'm completely in love with the sport, and BTC is a great community of people who share my passion. I feel very lucky to be part of it all! Check out my Strava profile here.

Tim Dowse

Board Member

unnamed   Well, I got my start in triathlon when I was fat(er) and super unhealthy, I bought a bike, signed for a sprint and now, six or so years later, having run the gamut of races from sprint to full, here I am.  I've been a BTC member for about four years now. What I really love about BTC is the camaraderie during and after the races and being challenged and inspired by fellow club members.

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